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Back in mid-December, we warned you about a group of scam artists in the Jacksonville area that wanted to use you and your windshield to collect money from your insurance company.

Now it appears they – or a copycat group – are back in our city. According to this report from CBS 47 Action News, the crooks are approaching drivers in parking lots and at car washes, and pointing out non-existent problems with their windshields.

If unsuspecting vehicle owners fall for the scam, they may receive a new windshield they don’t even need, and their insurance company will be billed for it. That can push up driver premiums. And to top it off, the windshield and installation work could be far below acceptable quality levels, even unsafe.

The bottom line: If someone approaches you about a windshield replacement – especially in an unconventional setting – be suspect. The great deal you’re promised may turn out to be anything but.