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Glass Repair & Replacement

Need Glass Repair?

“A neighborhood kid put a baseball through my picture window!”

“My lawnmower launched a rock into my patio sliding glass door!”

“The view through our bedroom window is obscured every morning by fog and moisture!”

“We can’t enjoy the cool spring evenings because the windows won’t stay open!”

We’ve seen and heard it all!

Whether the issue is a broken window or a broken seal, just give us a call and our team will get to work measuring, fabricating, and installing your replacement window glass or double-pane insulated units in no time.

We have clear, tinted, and energy efficient low-e glass and also offer replacement parts, such as handles, latches and balance rods. 

Moisture obscuring your view isn’t the only problem when a window seal has broken. Over time, mold can begin to grow in the warm, damp space between the glass which brings a number of health risks along with it.

In any situation, the fogged glass will need to be replaced. Contact us for an estimate or more details. We’ll be happy to help.

“[The Lee & Cates tech] came to my home, discovered that I had ordered the wrong glass (tint) and had the correct one brought. Worked quickly and well. I’m very happy!”

– Clelia B. / Jacksonville

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