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Storefront Glass


The window on your storefront can make a lasting impression on potential customers. True, even if it is clean and attractive, people entering your store may not notice your window, but if it’s dirty, cracked or damaged in any other way, shoppers may have an uneasy feeling about walking in.

If your storefront window or glass door has been broken, call Lee & Cates Glass right away. Our skilled glaziers will quickly board up the damaged area, and then get to work on repairing your glass. Or if you’d prefer, we can install a brand new storefront metal and glass system custom designed by our estimators.

Typically, we can match or complement the color and style of your storefront metal and glass. That makes for a seamless repair with no indication of previous damage.

For a quick response and a finished product you’ll be proud of, call Lee & Cates Glass.

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