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In the days after a hurricane, many people in Florida and Georgia spend hours surveying property damage and determining what needs to be repaired.

Do you know what to do if your windows are damaged on your home or vehicle? Here are some tips from the staff at Lee & Cates to help you.

Take pictures of damage

These photos prove that there was damage along with how severe it was. These pictures can be an important piece of evidence is an insurance adjustor misses the damage and can mean the difference between having your insurance cover the damage and having to pay for the repairs yourself.

Contact your insurance company

Set up an appointment to have an adjuster evaluate the damage and determine what caused it. Try to be present when the adjuster is at your home or vehicle so you can point out any damage the adjustor may miss.

Ask who can make the repairs

Check with your insurance company to see who you can hire to make your window repairs. Lee & Cates works with many insurance companies and can repair virtually any damaged windows on your home or vehicle.

Don’t be scammed

In the days after a natural disaster, scam artists will go door to door, offering services for cheap. The work these types of contractors do is usually subpar, if it is even done at all.

Make sure you hire a reputable company such as Lee & Cates to repair your damaged windows in the days following a hurricane.

If the windows on your home our vehicle were damaged during Hurricane Irma, contact your nearest Lee & Cates for an estimate to repair your windows.