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Benefits of Adding Tinted Windows to your Car

More benefits than you might think

Tinting the widows of your vehicle may sound like a luxury, but protecting yourself from the intense Florida sun is a smart investment for both you and your car.

When you have Lee & Cates tint your vehicle’s windows, you will be preventing 99 percent of UV rays from reaching your interior. This added layer of protection will help protect you and your car from the harm these rays can cause.

Most people tint the windows of their vehicles for the following reasons:

Protecting your upholstery

Heat and UV rays that directly enter your car can make your upholstery fade and crack over time. By blocking those rays and heat, you have to keep your upholstery looking great longer and with less maintenance.

Keeping you healthy

UV rays do more than damage your upholstery, they can also wreak havoc on your skin. These rays can damage your skin, increase aging and even cause skin cancer. Tinted windows will reduce these rays and also reduce the sun’s brightness, which will prevent glare and allow you to see much better.

Added privacy

When you leave valuables in plain sight, you run the risk of thieves spotted them and trying to break into your car. Tinting your windows can make it difficult for people to look into your car and see what you may have left behind.

Cooler temperatures

The sun can be mighty hot in Jacksonville, but tinted windows can reduce the temperature in your car by up to 60 percent. This will give you an easier time controlling the temperature and cut down on fuel intake by running your air conditioner less.

Shatter Protection

In addition to protecting you from intense sunlight, the film used to tint windows also prevents them from shattering. This added layer of protection is another way to protect you and your passengers on the open road.


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