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Added clarity with UltraClear™ Low Iron glass

When you envision a glass structure in your indoor space, you picture crystal clear glass that doesn’t distort the images behind it. To help customers achieve this goal, Lee & Cates offers UltraClear™ Low Iron glass.

Unlike traditional glass, which can have a green tint due to high iron amounts, UltraClear™ uses less iron to create clearer glass. This glass is ideal for areas that have high amounts of traffic where clear transparency is necessary. If your home or office features bright colors or uses glass walls to separate rooms, UltraClear™ is perfect for your situation.

In addition to adding clarity, it can also be used for screen printing, acid etching, heat treatment and decorating with ceramic colors. This makes UltraClear™ perfect for transparency and labeling spaces.

At Lee & Cates, we can help you decide is UltraClear™ class is right for your space. This durable glass can even be laminated give your structure added security. Even if you use multiple layers of glass, your images will never be distorted because of the clarity of UltraClear™ Low Iron glass.


If you have questions about UltraClear™ glass or think it would be perfect for situation, contact your local Lee & Cates location to talk to one of our glass experts.

Added clarity with UltraClear™ Low Iron glass


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