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Seals Play a Major Role in Your Windows’ Efficiency

Glazing is the glass part of a window, door or any structure that has a panel of glass. While many of us know that double-glazed windows are more energy efficient that single-paned windows, few know that the material that holds these panes in place play a key role in making your windows more energy efficient.

The seal of a double- or triple-glazed window helps keep each panel in the place while also holding the entire frame together. You can almost think of the window seal as the glue that holds everything together.

While you may think one seal is keeping everything in place, there are actually two separate seals. The inner seal holds a spacer in place between each pane of glass. This spacer greatly impacts the U-value (the amount of heat lost) of a window. Lee & Cates uses the best spacers on the market so only a minimal amount of indoor heat is lost.

Meanwhile, the outer seal is an adhesive that helps hold the window in place. On older windows, you can sometimes the out seal between the glass and the frame. This outer seal is sometimes referred to as glazing putty.

In addition to holding the glass in place, the seal of a window also holds inert gas between each pane. This gas acts as a form of insulation and helps make your windows more energy efficient since it prevents outdoor temperatures from affecting the temperature indoors.

Over a period of time, these seals can sometimes fail. This can cause fog or condensation to develop inside your windows where it cannot be wiped off. A failed seal can also reduce the energy efficiency of your windows.

If you think the seals on your windows need to be replaced, give us a call at 800-433-4198 to have a Lee & Cates expert come out to your home and inspect your windows’ seals.


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