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Sometimes it seems like most of the products in our lives come from halfway around the globe. Other times we’re stuck trying to use a one-size-fits-all approach when it just doesn’t work!

At Lee & Cates Glass, we are proud to employ local workers who are experts at creating and delivering the commercial, residential and decorative glass products you need. We make glass and mirror products in-house so that you can enjoy precise fit and custom designs, with results that are just what you want.

How is it that we can cut, shape, bend, and decorate glass to your specifications? It comes down to employing people who have the expertise and commitment to serve you. Our staff—technicians, fabricators, installers, and sales representatives—includes men and women with decades of experience in the glass business. They are passionate about serving the communities they work and live in.

As the largest independently owned glass company in Florida, Lee & Cates employs more than 140 people in northern Florida and southern Georgia. When you bring your business to one of our 14 locations, you are doing more than “shopping local.” You are supporting a business that makes products locally and employs more local workers. Thank you!