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Headlight Restoration: Should you DIY?

Perform an internet search for cloudy headlights and you’ll find thousands of tips on how to fix them yourself using everything from toothpaste and vinegar to insect repellent and sandpaper. Depending on the extent of your headlight cloudiness, some of these tricks may work reasonably well, but you could also damage your headlight lenses. Even the pre-packaged kits designed specifically for do-it-yourselfers can result in lens damage if not used properly.

We’re a little biased, sure, but we definitely recommend having your cloudy headlights professionally restored, if only to avoid the potential damage you could cause, not to mention the time, expense and elbow grease you’ll have to put in to do the job yourself.

Our professional headlight restoration service will make your cloudy headlights as clear as the day your vehicle came of the production line. Take a look at these before and after photos to see the difference for yourself! And it’s affordable, too – about $75 for both headlights. Though our headlight restoration service costs a little more than the DIY kits, the results are better, they last longer, and you don’t have to do any of the work.

Contact any of our locations in Florida and Georgia for a quote on headlight restoration for your vehicle today.


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