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Getting Ready for Hurricanes

If you’ve lived in the Jacksonville, Florida area for any length of time, you know about hurricane season each June through November. To help protect you, your family and your home from possible storms, the National Hurricane Center has declared May 26th through June 1st as National Hurricane Preparedness Week.

(Watch the video below for valuable tips on what you can do before, during and after a storm.)

While each hurricane is different, preparing well in advance is one of the keys to surviving any storm. That includes adding hurricane-resistant windows to your home or workplace.

Hurricane glass windows are specially designed and built to withstand the type of abuse that Mother Nature dishes out around these parts. The glass is tested to make sure it can withstand the impact of both small and large high-speed projectiles. It’s also flex-tested to ensure it won’t break when exposed to many hours of high winds.

The extra layer of protection that hurricane-resistant windows provide can mean the difference between a water-damaged house and a clean, dry home. Call or visit any Lee & Cates Glass location if you’d like more information on the benefits of hurricane-resistant windows.


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