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If you’re like many renters or homeowners, you probably have at least some decorative glass in your home. Decorative glass is the term used to refer to ornamental items, such as textured shower doors, patio doors and other door glass, shelving, tabletops, and designed windows or mirrors.

Adding these small touches can definitely bring out the best in your home, but sometimes, accidents happen. And in the event you discover a crack or chip, or if a piece of glass breaks, Lee & Cates Glass is happy to replace it—affordably and professionally.

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Along with replacing the glass, we can also fix other components of doors or windows that may be broken. For example, if your patio or shower door tracks are worn out, sticking, or won’t work, we can fix or replace those.

In fact, sometimes it’s the wear and tear on the frame of your window or tracks of a sliding door that causes glass to chip or crack in the first place, so it’s always a good idea to be aware and take action if the components around the decorative glass start to give you any trouble.

Have decorative glass that needs some attention? Let us help you take care of your home. Find your nearest Lee & Cates location here.