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Cleaning Glass Shower Doors

Keeping glass shower doors clean and sparkling requires the right techniques and supplies.

Fortunately, the methods are quite easy and the supplies are probably close at hand.

The household products suggested below are also milder and safer than strong ammonia-based cleaning solutions.


Milky, blotchy glass is caused by soap scum and mineral deposits. Bar soap typically contains talc, which creates soap scum, making liquid soap a good alternative.

Wiping wet surfaces after showering will keep most of the deposits from hardening onto the glass. The following items are the best tools for this step:

  • Squeegees
  • Towels
  • Sponges

You’ll also want to dry and disinfect these towels in the washer and put sponges through the dishwasher cycle.

Regular cleaning

How often do you need to clean? That will depend on how often the shower is used, your soap choice, and water hardness, but a frequent light cleaning is always better than heavy scrubbing once in a while. When your glass starts looking cloudy, try these supplies and techniques.

  • White vinegar in a spray bottle. Full strength or diluted to a 50-50 solution with water, vinegar has great cleaning properties. It does have a distinctive smell, which will disperse with rinsing and showering.
  • Baking soda and dishwashing liquid. Mixed into a thick paste with water or dishwashing liquid, baking soda gently removes buildup.
  • Microfiber cloths. A great non-scratch choice for cleaning and wiping down glass.
  • Non-scratch cleaning pads. Made for cleaning non-stick pans, non-scratch pads are good for showers, too.

What to avoid

It’s easy to get carried away when trying to remove soap scum and mineral deposits. To avoid scratching the glass and any protective coatings, don’t use scrub brushes and abrasive cleaners.

Still have questions about your glass shower doors? Contact the experts at Lee & Cates Glass for the best glass products and ideas.



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