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A Few Reasons to Love Glass

Glass is truly amazing.

What other material is so light and delicate it can be hung from the boughs of a Christmas tree, yet is tough enough to stop a bullet.

Thanks to glass, we can let the fresh Spring air into our homes and shut out the cold, the rain, and the hurricane-force winds. Glass exposes us to the surrounding world, while protecting us from intruders. It can allow sunlight to shine through an office building and still filter out solar heat.

In the hands of a master craftsman, glass can be bent and pulled and blown and cut into forms that inspire.

And did you ever realize that glass makes flying and driving at high speeds possible? Without glass, you might not read a book through aging eyes. You’d never gaze forward into the depths of space without glass, or even look back at yourself in a mirror.

At Lee and Cates, we feel privileged to work with this remarkable material every day, and we’d be glad to talk with you about the many possibilities that glass brings to your existing home or office or with new construction.

Strong. Versatile. Beautiful. Glass.


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