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Fogged Glass

Has your sliding glass door started to fog up?

Or maybe you’re noticing moisture inside one of your double hung or casement windows. Either way, the problem is the result of a broken seal.

When the seal at the top or base of an air-tight window unit has been compromised, air can seep in between the two panes of glass. And where there’s air, there’s bound to be moisture.

Help is On the Way

It may take months or even years for the fog to affect your view, but once you decide it’s time to have the problem fixed, call a Lee & Cates Glass location in Jacksonville, southern Georgia, or one of the other areas we serve. We provide fogged glass replacement for homes and commercial buildings.

Moisture is not all that can obscure your view when a window seal has broken. Over time, mold can begin to grow in the warm, damp space between the glass.

In any situation, the fogged glass will need to be replaced. Contact us for an estimate or more details. We’ll be happy to help.

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