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Your Home Improvement Resolution Guide

If we toured your dream house, what would it look like?

Maybe French doors have replaced your drab interior doors. Your bathroom might feature a beautiful glass shower door. Perhaps your living room windows are a little bigger and better insulated, and they slide up and down with ease.

Too good to be true? Not necessarily. While your neighbors are resolving to eat nothing but broccoli for the next 365 days, the New Year is a perfect time to make your home improvement ideas a reality. With the right approach, upgrading the look and feel of your home can save you some cash, and you can learn some valuable homeowner skills along the way.

Problem Prevention

The most common mistake that homeowners make when beginning a new renovation project is that they fail to plan ahead. Remembering these four tips can prevent a few headaches:

1) Measure. It’s no good to order glass windows or doors that don’t fit into your project space. Even worse, a mismatched window or door (even if just slightly off) can decrease the value of your home and let in unwanted drafts.

2) Resist impulse buys. What you want might not be what you need. Just because that stained-glass window looks good in a catalog doesn’t mean that it’s the best fit for your checkered-floor bathroom. Maybe a shower or tub enclosure is a better choice.

3) Don’t ignore problems. Sometimes, removing a door or window (especially in an older home) can reveal trouble with wiring or plumbing, or even a pest problem. While those issues add to the time you spend on your project, they should be addressed before you install anything. Time spent now will save you money later.

4) Know when to seek an expert. Too much DIY can result in disaster. If this is your first renovation rodeo, some advice or help from a professional can prevent messes. Make sure that you hire licensed individuals for specialized projects. The staff at Lee and Cates can point you in the right direction. (Request a glass quote here.)

Glass Replacement Troubleshooting

Glass Windows:

• Check your windows for drafts. Do you feel outside air coming through?
• Do the windows slide up and down easily, or do they get stuck?
• Are there any cracks or chips in the glass panes?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you may want to invest in new windows. Not only can replacement windows keep your energy costs down, but they can give a whole new look to your bedroom, kitchen or bathroom. Browse options for your home.

Glass Doors:

• Does your glass shower door run off the tracks easily?
• Are there chips or cracks in your interior glass doors?
• Does your bathroom need a general facelift?

If any of these apply, you could benefit from a glass shower door replacement or installation. To get started, call your nearest Lee and Cates Glass location for an estimate.

Other Project Ideas:


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