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Your retail storefront is the billboard for your store – it might be the make-or-break factor in whether a customer enters your business or walks on by.

Lee & Cates Glass can help with door and window design, fabrication and installation in cooperation with your architect or space planner. We’ve also compiled these useful tips for maximizing your retail storefront appearance.

Note: Lee & Cates advises you to confirm all storefront plans are in accordance with your specifications set forth by your property owner and/or national brand standards.

General Design
Your storefront should reflect the unique branding needs of your business and offer plenty of space for displays and window graphics. Create a seamless transition from your parking accommodations or neighboring retailers, but embrace a design that helps your business stand out.

Large, open storefronts without distracting barriers create a connection between the shopper and your merchandise. Limit the number of columns you use, and space them at least 20 feet apart. Consult your city’s specific codes and regulations, too.

Doors and Windows
These building details enhance the unique character of your business and communicate your high-quality merchandise to customers. The entrance doors should contain significant glass and windows should be clear of excessive signs or displays to allow visibility into your shop.

Often, “Ultra-Clear,” high-performance glass is the best way to go. But, it’s not the only option. Lee & Cates will work with your architect to see if customizations are right for your business.

When executed properly, awnings are a unique way to convey your store’s brand and highlight the building’s architectural features. Awnings are ideal to provide cover for pedestrians as they window shop and diners who want to enjoy their meal outdoors.

Good lighting draws attention to your brand by highlighting merchandise. Keep your displays well-lit with decorative fixtures, like sconces and façade up-lighting, to accent your storefront and enhance architecture. Welcome customers with indirect lighting, and shield floodlights and other security lighting to avoid glare.

Window Displays
Your window displays should be eye-catching and engaging – they convey the individual spirit and identity of your business. Keep them simple by highlighting a few featured items rather than your entire stock. Change displays every 2 to 3 weeks to remain relevant. Don’t use too many window treatments on storefronts, which might obstruct view into your shop.

Any signage should reinforce the quality of your business’ goods and/or services. Make it creative, legible and iconic. For a unique touch, choose custom art rather than conventional acrylic, internally lit signs. Attract people into your business with “blade signs,” which are mounted perpendicular to the normal flow of traffic.

Curb Appeal
Above all, remember that first impressions are critical to success. Use sidewalk displays to draw attention to your store. Plants and outdoor cafés also enliven the atmosphere. The cleanliness of everything, from the storefront windows to the sidewalk, is critical to your store’s success.

Ready to take your storefront windows to the next level? The glass experts at Lee & Cates are here to help. Our professionals welcome any opportunity to discuss your goals and needs, and help you find the right solution.

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