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Glass is an incredibly versatile and strong material, which is always worthy of consideration for a custom desktop. A custom glass desktop can be contemporary or traditional, but will always make a positive statement about the transparency of your business. Here are three benefits of a glass desktop.

Design Freedom

One of the real beauties of glass is that it can be fabricated into virtually any shape. We suggest you start by acquiring or designing the basic desk support structure before topping it off with a wonderful glass surface. Typically we recommend a glass desktop thickness of three-eighths. However, you should consult with us for specific recommendations and design ideas.

The Strength of Imagination

While clear glass is the most popular choice, glass can be easily decorated or treated in several ways with sandblasting, etching, painting and other custom applications. The finished look is really limited only by your imagination.

Beautiful & Durable

A beautiful glass desktop can last a lifetime, whether at home or in your office. It will be the focal point of the room and a definite attention-getter. The clear, uncluttered look of glass wins compliments and design awards. Even better, the glass surface is very durable and easy to clean while making a strong statement.

Interested in how you can design your own glass desktop? Give us a call or request a quote and we’d be delighted to help with design tips and parameters.