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As the housing industry improves, the glass industry is also on the upswing. More importantly, glass manufacturers are adapting to customer demands. Glass is increasing in popularity, whether it’s a young artist-at-work participating in a glassblowing class or a researcher developing ways to make glass unbreakable.. 

Decorative glass

Previously assigned to vases or bathroom privacy, decorative glass is taking on a whole new meaning. A housing recovery also means that people are opting for natural light and greener options when they consider available building options, and glass fits right in.

For starters, decorative glass now comes in colors that used to be unimaginable. (Finding that perfect shade of magenta for your shower enclosure is easier than ever!) 
Along with a variety of color options, there are also new texturing and shading techniques for flat glass that can create privacy, or open up a room. 

And then there’s art. Although it’s not our specialty, artists everywhere are increasingly involved in the medium of glassblowing, using beautiful glasswork to express artistic style. (See examples here.)

Another big innovation 

Imagine all of the glasses you’d still own if they weren’t so…well, breakable. That’s now a thing of the past, thanks to researchers at McGill University. Their study of seashells led to the development of actual bendable glass. Of course, the potentials for a bendable glass are endless — with applications from the construction industry to your home kitchen. (View the full article.)

With these developments, the future of the glass industry looks brighter than ever.