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The four types of commercial window tinting

The four types of commercial window tinting

Before tinting your business’s windows, it’s important to know which type of tint will best meet your needs. Our staff at the Lee & Cates location in Jacksonville, Florida has put together a list of the four common types of commercial tint and the different needs they meet.

Decorative film

Decorative window tinting is usually done in children’s bathrooms or shops and stores that are looking to promote select products or services. These films dress up a dull window and offer a range of patterns to choose from such as floral, leaves, or even geometric-style designs.

Frosted Film

These are commonly used to provide privacy in offices, bathrooms and other places where privacy is important. Even with the light on, you can’t see clearly through any frosted film tinting.

Anti-graffiti film

Most companies use this type of film on public spaces like buildings, banks, shopping malls, and other places where there is a risk for graffiti. This type of tinting makes it easy to clean up paint from glass—you simply remove the commercial tinting film from the window.

Safety film

Used mostly on storefront windows, glass doors, or in offices, safety film helps ensure no one is injured if the glass is broken or shattered. Safety film keeps the broken glass together to make sure no one is cut if the glass is accidentally broken.

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