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When people want their windows tinted, they have two options: spray or film.

Since both have advantages and disadvantages, the experts at Lee & Cates have laid out the differences so you can decide which is best for you and your situation.

Film Tint

As the name suggests, this is when tinted film is applied to the outside of your window using an adhesive. This type of auto tint blocks UV rays, provides relief from the heat and can easily be replaced if scratched. It also makes your windows shatter proof, which is a great safety feature for any vehicle.

On the down side, film tint is susceptible to bubbling, peeling and changing colors over time. Film tint must also be cut to the exact size of the window in order to be applied correctly and is not permanent.

Spray Tint

This tint is permanent and can be applied to any sized window. It’s also much cheaper than film tint and you don’t have to worry about it bubbling or peeling because of adhesive failure.

Beware that spray tint does not offer as much protection from UV rays and it is very difficult to repair if your window is scratched. There also aren’t as many color options.

To learn more about which tint option will work best for you, contact Lee & Cates your nearest Lee & Cates location in Florida or Georgia and talk to one of our glass experts.