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Glass room dividers can be a great asset for a variety of interior spaces. They’re often used to divide open spaces, defining specific areas, create the illusion of more space, block sound and provide privacy.  With glass room dividers, you can completely change the dynamics of a room and repurpose previously underutilized space, without a huge investment in construction!

Glass room dividers have countless practical uses for a many space settings, including the home, office buildings, restaurants and more. Use them in place of walls to create rooms without blocking natural light flow. Arrange them as a modern alternative to a walk-in closet. Define individual work spaces or private dining areas. Glass room dividers can also be a versatile enhancement for tricky architectural features, like corner doors or angled ceilings.

Other benefits include:

  • Highly customizable – Choose the glass finish you want!
  • Frosted glass – Offer privacy without compromising light and sight lines.
  • Merge indoor and outdoor spaces – This is a great option for large spaces with multiple points of access.
  • Wider reach – Glass room dividers save space because there’s no swinging door.
  • Use in multiple areas – Close off areas to reduce noise and/or divide space.
  • Stylish – Create the illusion of more space with glass dividers.
  • Functional – Spaces, like a spare bedroom or office, are there when you need them, and partitioned when you don’t.
  • Unique – Implement this simple, space-saving and privacy-creating solution for apartments or offices where construction is prohibited.

Lee & Cates Glass in GA and FL can help you rethink your space with custom glass room dividers. We’ll design and install the project with your needs in mind.

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