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Scratchy Windshield?

Every now and then a customer will ask us about removing scratches from a windshield, and with good reason: scratches in your line of sight can be annoying and even dangerous if they interfere with your view of the road.

First, the bad news: if a scratch is deep enough for you to feel with your fingernail, the chances of repairing it completely are pretty slim. If a scratch is minor, we may be able to buff it out. However, if you have either a deep, distracting scratch or many smaller scratches, the best solution may be a windshield replacement.

Now, the good news: there are a few steps you can take to prevent scratches from appearing in the first place.

  1. Replace your windshield wipers at least every six months; more often if you use them a lot.
  2. If you drive in dirty or dusty conditions, clean the exterior of your vehicle regularly. The goal is to remove any gritty particles that can land on the windshield and be dragged along the glass surface by the wipers.
  3. Let us apply Aquapel to your windshield. It’s a long-lasting rain repellent that reduces the need to use your wipers as frequently. It also helps the wipers glide over the glass easier, lowering the incidence of “wiper burn” and the small scratches that can result. ( Look here for our current special on Aquapel.)

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