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When you consider the pretty simplicity and convenience of glass shower doors over plastic shower curtains, having one makes perfect sense.

However, if not properly maintained, tempered-glass shower doors can shatter. Why?

Tempering glass is a process that heats the glass and cools it quickly, forming tension inside. This tension makes the glass 5-10 times stronger than it would have been, and also allows it to break into small pebbles, instead of dangerous shards. (This type of glass is also used in car windows, for the same reason.)

The good news is that there are ways to prevent breakage, keeping your bathroom beautiful and safe:

1) Make sure that the panels are securely attached to the door, and that they slide on tracks easily, if they’re on wheels. If there’s any kind of sticking, or you have concerns, contact a Lee & Cates technician for service.

2) Every so often, check the hardware on your shower door to make sure the fasteners remain secure. Tighten any loose screws, if you find them.

3) Make sure that the moving glass panel is not against a wall or any metal while the shower or enclosure is in use.

4) Inspect for any chips or cracks regularly, especially around the edges of the door. Cracks, if they form, can also appear by holes left for hardware. If you see any evidence of a crack — no matter how small — replace the glass panel immediately. Lee & Cates performs expert glass replacement; find your nearest location here.

And finally, don’t use shower door towel bars as a safety bar or lift assist when you’re getting in and out of the shower or tub enclosure. This extra pulling can put unexpected pressure on the glass and cause breakage.
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