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Would you like to open up the view of your deck or backyard? A sliding glass patio door will do the trick nicely, while letting more natural light into your home.

Are you building a new home or putting on an addition? We can provide the new sliding glass doors for you. We have many systems to choose from, so you’re sure to find the style, energy efficiency and security options you’re looking for.

Most of our sliding glass doors feature zinc-plated steel wheels and axles that make operation practically effortless. We also offer stainless steel rollers for coastal homes where the potential for corrosion exists.

(Add a pet door to your sliding glass patio door.)

As attractive and convenient as patio sliding glass doors are, they can sometimes develop problems after years of service. Dirt can build up in the track, and consistent use can wear down the system’s parts, including the roller mechanism under the door. If these problems aren’t corrected, the door won’t open or close smoothly, the track can become permanently damaged, and the glass may even break.

Fortunately, the Lee & Cates Glass team can repair most sliding glass patio doors. Our trained pros can assess the problem and, with access to our large selection of replacement parts, repair the door, usually the same day. We also provide free maintenance service of your entire door while we’re on-site.