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Why do we exist?

And why should that matter to you?


Our company mission is To be a City on a Hill. Paraphrased from the biblical Sermon on the Mount, made famous by early colonial preacher John Winthrop, and quoted by multiple US presidents to describe American exceptionalism, this phrase acknowledges that the world is watching us, that we will be held to higher standards, and that we must set ourselves apart in our industry and our community.

For decades we have promised “With Lee & Cates Glass, You’re Going to See a Big Difference!” Our mission, rooted in the faith of our founders, is the reason for that difference.

Operating Vision

Our Operating Vision defines how we will achieve our mission.

 Lee & Cates Glass will be a team of employees who strive to provide an unrivaled customer experience that is relational, not transactional.

 Lee & Cates Glass will use each opportunity to serve customers as a chance for improvement.

 Lee & Cates Glass will prioritize and ensure the safety of our team and our customers.

 Lee & Cates Glass will educate, train, and empower our team to exceed our customers’ expectations and will reward them accordingly.

 Lee & Cates Glass will confidently stand behind our products and our workmanship.

 Lee & Cates Glass will honor the legacy of our founders by supporting the families, organizations, and communities that have helped us withstand the test of time.

Values in Action

Most companies choose a list of nouns or adjectives for their core values. We refer to ours as values in action to emphasize that they aren’t feelings or ideas or simply something we are — they are verbs which require us to do something to prove what we stand for.

 Guard our integrity — Our name and reputation are our identity to the world.

 Lead by example — We cannot expect others to follow us somewhere we are not willing to go.

 Accept responsibility — We are accountable for what we say, what we do, and what we do not do

 Share our successes — We do not succeed on our own, so we celebrate and enjoy our accomplishments together.

 Show compassion — We do not merely offer sympathy, but desire to take action and create positive change.

“Followed through with their promise”

– Faye Lambert

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