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Improve Your Home with Glass Patio Doors

Who doesn’t want more natural light in their home? Installing glass patio doors is one way to get it. Glass patio doors also provide another, wider, entry to your home, open your living area to the outdoors, and make spaces seem larger.

Northern Florida and southern Georgia offer an ideal climate for indoor/outdoor living, and as such, this flexibility is a highly desired asset in the local real estate market. It’s even expected by homebuyers at certain price points.

You can choose from several glass patio door options to meet the needs of your space.

  • Sliding glass patio doors are ideal for tight door openings and limited floor plan space, such as those that lead to a balcony, deck or sunroom.
  • In/out-swing doors are best-suited for areas with a good clearance area on the inside or the outside of the space.
  • Pocket glass walls slide into the door frame to allow you to completely open the room to the outside. This style is ideal for living areas that open onto a lanai or expansive deck or patio area.
  • Stacking glass walls are large glass panels that slide open over one another to create a smooth transition from interior to exterior.
  • Bi-fold glass walls are similar to stacking glass walls, but they fold over onto one another at hinged points. This style allows you to control the opening, but also requires a bit of clearance on the exterior side.

You might think that adding a wall of glass doors to your home will increase your heating and cooling energy consumption, but today’s glass patio doors are energy efficient. Low-e glass helps reflect heat energy away from the house on warm days and redirects interior heat energy back into the home when temperatures are cool.

We carry a variety of glass patio door systems that will allow you to merge your indoor living space with the outdoors and add value to your home. Call any of our locations in northern Florida or southern Georgia for more information on adding glass patio doors to your home.


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