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Moisture can be a threat to your home whether it comes in through the basement, the roof or even through the windows. For example, wet wood, wet flooring and wet walls cause problems such as rot and mold.

Where is water getting in?

If you find dripping water or puddles near your windows, what should you do? Some investigating will determine if the window, sealants, or gaskets have failed, or if condensation is collecting. Look at the following:

  • Caulking: Is caulking around the window peeling or missing?
  • Glazing putty: Traditional wood windows use glazing putty to keep glass in place. Check on the outside for missing or cracked putty. 
  • Gaskets: Located between the frame and glass, gaskets can wear out or get damaged.
  • Sills: Are sills—the lowest horizontal piece of the frame—angled down to the exterior? Use a screwdriver to test wood sills for decay.
  • Weep holes: Storm windows often use small weep holes at the bottom of the window, so that condensation won’t accumulate on the sill. Make sure paint and debris haven’t clogged these outlets.

Is condensation the problem?

Windows can fog when there is a big difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures. The moisture inside of the glass is not coming from outside, it is actually interior moisture condensing on the window. It’s the same process as dew collecting on your lawn or drops of water forming on a cold beverage. It is most likely to occur on single-pane glass.

Reducing humidity indoors can help reduce fogging and weeping windows. Using a dehumidifier, as well as running fans in kitchens and bathrooms, will help reduce condensation. An inexpensive hygrometer can be used to monitor humidity levels.

When do you need help?

It’s a good idea to take a close look at all of your windows twice a year. Water damage is much more serious if it goes unchecked. Lee & Cates Glass can help you evaluate the conditions, recommend and complete repairs, and provide you with modern replacement windows. To consult with our experts, find the Lee & Cates Glass location nearest you.