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How to protect your glass storefront business from hurricane damage

It’s June and that means hurricane season is upon us. Hurricanes cause roughly $5 billion in damage each year, so make sure your glass storefront can protect your business.  Lee & Cates has some ways you can protect your commercial property this hurricane season.

Use Hurricane Impact-Resistant Windows

These windows have two layers of laminated glazing that are held together with a strong membrane in the middle. They are installed using a sturdy frame that is installed in the window header. Though they are not shatter-proof, the membrane prevents debris from making its way into your store.

Hurricane Window Film

A transparent window film can be applied to the outside of the window and is attached to the window frame. The film holds the glass together if there is an impact and protects your assets inside.

Plywood Window Coverings

Heavy-duty plywood window coverings can be secured to the window frame or somewhere on the exterior of your building to cover your windows. However, plywood coverings cannot be used for large, multistory windows or commercial properties.

Proper windows stripping and seals

Even if your window isn’t damaged by wind or debris, you may still experience water damage if your windows are not properly sealed. Have an expert from Lee and Cates examine your windows to determine whether or not your windows need to be resealed.

If you want to protect your business and assets from wind, flying debris and water this hurricane season, contact the experts at Lee & Cates to see how we can help secure your business this hurricane season.



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