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After getting your car windows tinted, the last thing you want to do is scratch the tinting when cleaning and maintaining your vehicle. At Lee & Cates, we understand that you want your window tinting to keep looking like new and know just how to help you accomplish this.

First, do not use cleaners with ammonia or anything abrasive. Ammonia, commonly found in cleaners like Windex, can cause your tint to appear purple and become brittle.

We recommend you clean your windows with a gentle soap and water and a microfiber towel to keep your windows clean and looking like new. We also recommend you avoid cleaning your windows in full sunlight to allow for them to cool.

The way you clean your windows may depend on the type of tint you have. Film tint is susceptible to changing colors while spray tint is difficult to repair if it becomes scratched. Learn more about the difference between film tint and spray tint before choosing a method that best fits your needs.

Window tinting helps keep your car cool and protects you from UV rays. The professionals at our St. Augustine, Florida location know this better than anyone and can provide you with a free quote today.