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That pane of glass is broken and you’ve got to move fast to protect the window area, make sure no one gets injured and get it replaced. Here are some basic safety tips on dealing with broken glass.

Residential Glass Clean-Up

Scenario #1: One of the windows in your dining room had a baseball sail through.

Be sure you have these items:

  • Rubber coated gloves
  • Dust pan
  • Brush
  • Shop vacuum
  • A sturdy cardboard box

Step 1: Sweep up the glass fragments on the floor surface using the dust pan and brush.
Step 2: Put the fragments into the cardboard box.
Step 3: If carpeted, run the shop vacuum first, followed by a sweeper.
Step 4: Clear the window frame by putting on your rubber gloves and work the remaining pieces of glass back & forth until you can safely remove them. If a section will not come out, use a screwdriver or putty knife to remove the molding first.
Step 5: Use the shop vacuum to clean the channel before a new piece of glass is installed.
Step 6: Temporarily tape a piece of cardboard over broken window.

Commercial Glass Breakage

Scenario #2: A display window was broken by an act of vandalism, leaving a pretty good size hole.

Step 1: Call Lee & Cates.
Step 2: While waiting for professionals to arrive you can follow the steps 1 through 3 for residential clean up.
Step 3: We will arrive with materials to board up the broken display window and take measurements to cut you a new piece of glass as quickly as possible (sometimes the same day).

Lee & Cates Are Replacement Specialists

The scenarios above are intended to be a guideline for the average homeowner or business owner who may be “first on the scene” and wants to help.

Broken glass is a serious hazard and can be extremely damaging. Don’t take chances. Call your nearest Lee & Cates Glass location.