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How’s this for good news? We recycle about 100 tons of glass each month. That’s 2,400,000 pounds of material that gets re-used each year!

Our fabrication division, Flat Glass Distributors, makes it a priority to keep as much material as possible out of landfills. They send all their “clean glass” to the Jacksonville facility of Strategic Materials, North America’s largest glass recycler. Clean glass contains no metal, plastic, adhesives or any other elements that would contaminate the recycled glass product.

The glass comes from commercial and residential windows, tabletops and shower doors that are scratched or damaged during the production process, as well as the “cutoffs” (glass scraps).

We recycle more than 90% of our unused glass. Why not 100%? Double-pane insulated windows cannot be re-purposed. Once the panes have been glued together, they can’t be cleaned well enough to pass the standards of recyclers.

We also recycle the cutoffs and scraps of commercial metal at our retail and commercial construction divisions.