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Glass shelving lets you reimagine storage. Think clean, clear and light, rather than cluttered, heavy and dark.

Glass shelves can be mounted inside cabinets or attached to walls with hardware that virtually disappears. With these installations, the eye focuses on the items you want to display in your home or office such as:

Collectibles on glass shelves get the attention they deserve. Glass creates a neutral and light-optimizing surface for displays.

Over a sink or toilet. You can display reading materials, entertainment and personal care items.

Behind your home bar is great for showcasing liquors and other beverages for your guests to serve themselves.

Placed in a window, glass shelves are a sunny and convenient home for houseplants.

Lee & Cates of Jacksonville, FL creates customized glass shelves with a wide variety of glass colors and support systems. Our experts understand the weight-bearing properties of different types of glass, as well as mounting techniques, and will insure that your shelves look and perform beautifully.

To explore the possibilities, contact a Lee & Cates location near you.