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Windshield cracks and chips are fairly common problems, but here’s some fairly uncommon advice you may not have heard. If you have a damaged windshield, we recommend following these tips.

1) High temperatures can have a negative effect on auto glass, especially if it’s already broken. Try to avoid parking your car in direct sunlight; pull into a garage or find some shade if possible. Excessive heat that builds up inside the passenger compartment can further weaken the windshield and encourage a crack to grow longer.

2) The cold can be just as tough on damaged glass, so don’t throw the air conditioning into the “Arctic” setting as soon as you get in your car. Instead, cool the air temperature gradually.

3) Dust and dirt that accumulate in a windshield chip or crack can make the damage more difficult to fix. The next best thing to an immediate repair is a piece of clear tape. Place it over the affected area to keep dirt out, as long as it doesn’t interfere with your view of the road.

4) Don’t slam your car doors too hard. The extra vibration and pressure won’t do your damaged windshield any favors.

5) Avoid the car wash. Water can cause a crack to “run out.” And if the crack gets too long before you call us, you may end up needing a windshield replacement, rather than a simple windshield repair.

If you need windshield repair or replacement service, pull into any Lee & Cates Glass location, or call us for convenient mobile auto glass service: (888)844-1989.