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24/7 Board-Up Service


Whether your window or door glass has been broken by an accident, Mother Nature, or criminal activity, Lee & Cates is here to help.

There are several stages of emotions that accompany broken window or door glass.

Disbelief: I can’t believe my window is broken!
Anger: I’m so angry my window is broken!
Acceptance: My window is broken.
Anxiety: What am I going to do now that my window is broken?

Once you’ve fully processed the situation, pick up the phone and call Lee & Cates Glass. We’ll send out a team to board up your broken window or door and secure your property and belongings. Then, our team will get to work replacing your glass. We can usually have everything right as rain the same day.

And because baseballs don’t fly through windows during business hours alone, we offer board-up services 24/7/365. We can even board up your home or business prior to an impending hurricane, or if your property has sustained damage in a storm.

Dealing with broken window or door glass can be stressful, but Lee & Cates is here to lift that burden off your shoulders. Call us at (800) 433-4198 to request our 24/7 board up service for your home or business today.

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