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Caring for Commercial Vehicle Windshields

The windshields on commercial vehicles are big and sturdy. Still, they face many of the same chip and crack risks as passenger cars because of extended use on surface streets and highways.

Prevention is an important step in caring for your business’s truck or fleet. Drivers should be reminded to avoid following other big vehicles that spray rocks and drop gravel. It also pays to park away from hazards and vandalism risks.

Big rig, big costs?
Large windshields are more expensive to replace, but repairing minor chips or cracks doesn’t have to be costly. These basic services are very cost-effective because they can keep damage from spreading and creating a truly big expense.

Insurance considerations?
Your insurance company may penalize you when windshield damage is not fixed. That’s another good reason to get chips and cracks taken care of right away.

Windshield repair and replacement on semi trucks, buses, cargo vans and other commercial vehicles are all part of the vehicle glass services offered by Lee & Cates Glass. Visit or contact one of our convenient locations in Florida and Georgia. We’ll help keep your business vehicles in top condition.


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