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Wiper blades are an afterthought until you can’t see clearly through your windshield.

Inclement weather can make driving more dangerous when you don’t have wiper blades that are up to the job.

Beam-style blades continue to grow in popularity as an alternative to traditional blades, despite a higher sticker price. A majority of new vehicles now come equipped with beam wipers.

Here are several advantages to the sleek-looking wiper blades that differentiate them from traditional blades:

  • Uniform pressure points help the blade stay in contact with the windshield. This increases visibility by minimizing spots that traditional blades typically leave behind.
  • Featuring a low profile, they are more aerodynamic and out of the driver’s view.
  • They’re made to hug modern, highly curved windshields.
  • Improve durability through reducing the need to replace the blade because of damage and defect.
  • Work well in all weather conditions

So, whether you need new wiper blades, windshield repair or a windshield replacement, Lee & Cates Glass can help you out. We’ve been providing auto glass repair and replacement services to drivers in Jacksonville and throughout the First Coast as well as Southern Georgia since 1926. Get a free quote or call us at (800) 433-4198.