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Windshield Repair & Replacement

Expert Windshield Repair & Replacement in Northeast Florida & Southeast Georgia

The Local Choice for Windshield Replacement or Repair

For decades, Lee & Cates Glass has been in the business of windshield repair and replacement. Drivers all over Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia know they can trust us to keep their vehicles safe by delivering quality glass parts and installation — and we make it easy.

We offer mobile windshield replacement and can sometimes even provide pick-up and delivery of your vehicle at most of our 10 locations. We also provide the option to drop off your car at any Lee & Cates Glass location that provides windshield replacement, and we’ll drive it back to your home or office.

“I cannot say enough about the St. Augustine staff. We had an excellent experience with Lee & Cates. We appreciate the courtesy, professionalism, and quality of product. Thank you.”
– Sabrina K., St. Augustine

Windshield Repair

Our NWRD-and Glass Mechanix-certified technicians can repair damage to your windshield from a chip or crack (rather than replace it) if the damage is:

  • No larger than a quarter
  • No longer than 3 inches
  • Limited to the outer layer of the laminated safety glass

Please note, if damage has occurred within the driver’s line of vision or the glass has been penetrated completely, the windshield must be replaced.

The good news about windshield glass damage is that it can often be repaired at no charge to you (if you have comprehensive insurance coverage in Florida) when it’s caught early enough — and that’s a great reason to contact Lee & Cates Glass as soon as you notice any damage.

Convenient Mobile Auto Glass Service

We don’t charge extra for mobile windshield replacement service. We’ll send a Lee & Cates mobile auto glass unit to your vehicle, wherever it is in North Florida or South Georgia.

The quality of our mobile glass service is just as reliable as the work we do in our shops, so you can trust that your windshield will be repaired or replaced correctly. 

Windshield Leaks

What Causes Windshield Leaks?

Time & Natural Elements: In our area, salty ocean air, water, and other contaminants can team up to penetrate your vehicle’s windshield leaks, side lights, and back glass. 

Accidents: If any part of the windshield system was compromised and not properly repaired, you may find water leaking into the passenger compartment.

Recent Replacement: If you notice air or water entering the vehicle, your windshield leak may be the result of improper installation. If that’s the case, see us as quickly as possible, because a poorly installed windshield can be a potentially serious hazard.

Sunroof: Sometimes, it’s not the windshield causing the leak at all, it’s the sunroof. 

If a leak is left unresolved, your car’s interior can be damaged. The certified technicians at Lee & Cates Glass can often detect and repair windshield leaks, and stop air and water from entering your vehicle. However, if we aren’t able to find and fix the leak, you’ll pay nothing for our diagnostic work.

Windshield Replacement

Windshield Replacement Is Serious Business

We understand how frustrating it can be when you can’t drive your vehicle because of severe windshield damage. You want a new windshield installed as quickly as possible, and you deserve for the job to be done correctly. Our Auto Glass Technicians receive a minimum of 32 hours of continued education and advanced training by third-party experts in the field, and all have or are working toward four third-party certifications, including Certified Auto Glass Technician through the Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC), Certified Auto Glass Repair through the AGSC’s National Windshield Repair Division, Glass Mechanix Repair System, and Dow Urethane System.

At Lee & Cates Glass, we specialize in windshield replacement, so no matter what you drive, we can provide the right windshield for your vehicle. If the old, damaged glass is not completely removed, or if the urethane used to secure the new windshield isn’t allowed to cure long enough, the windshield may not provide the type of protection or structural integrity you require. That’s why we adhere to the safe drive-away time rules and why you should only trust this type of work to established professionals.

Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) Calibration

When you trust Lee & Cates Glass to repair or replace your ADAS windshield, rest assured, our precise processes and calibration will get you back on the road quickly and, most importantly, safely. Visit our ADAS page for more information.

Insurance Claims

Florida law states that if you have comprehensive coverage auto insurance with a Florida-based company, you’ll pay no deductible for a windshield auto glass repair or full windshield replacement. That means there’s no out-of-pocket expense for you. If you file a claim, we can help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Windshield Repair or Replacement Important?

In the state of Florida, it’s illegal to drive with any damage that obscures your line of vision. If you have damage to your windshield that prevents you from seeing clearly, you’re putting yourself and drivers around you in danger. Keep in mind, windshield repair is purely structural, not aesthetic, which means you may still be able to see where the chip occurred. 

Do you have a damaged windshield? Here are 5 good tips to follow.

How Long Will the Repair Take?
We aim for a 24-hour turnaround on all auto glass replacements, with same day service available at some locations.
Is There Any Reason Why You Wouldn’t be Able to Repair or Replace my Windshield?

We will NOT install a windshield if there is rust in the pinchweld because it will prevent the urethane from adhering to the windshield properly. The rusted area MUST be repaired before installation. If the rust is in the early stages, we may be able to remove the rust with tools and apply a primer for proper adhesion. However, if the rusted area requires repair work beyond our skills, then we request that your vehicle be repaired by an auto body expert before we move forward.

Where Are You Located?
There are 10 Lee & Cates Glass locations across the greater First Coast area. We can serve you whether your vehicle is in Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Brunswick (Georgia), or any of the surrounding areas. We also offer mobile windshield replacement on eligible vehicles.

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