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Accessories & Additional Automotive Services

There’s More To Us Than Just Auto Glass.

Our talented & certified technicians can not only get your auto glass needs taken care of quickly, but can also solve a plethora of other automotive issues.

Headlight Restoration

Don’t let cloudy headlights darken your day. Headlights are one of the most important safety features on your vehicle. They warn other drivers and pedestrians that you’re approaching, and if they’re not clear, it could cause a serious accident.

Unfortunately, yellowed and cloudy headlights are common in most cars produced after 1990. It is caused when the clear plastic covering on the light is exposed to sunlight, debris, and car exhaust. 

Fortunately, most Lee & Cates Glass locations offer headlight restoration (also known as headlight grinding). In the past, when headlights turned cloudy or yellow, the entire light assembly needed to be replaced. Luckily, we now use a professional kit to remove the yellowing or cloudiness from your headlights so they look like new again — and we offer a limited lifetime warranty! 

Keep in mind, DIY solutions are temporary and could cause greater long-term damage. Our process is cost-effective, increases your safety, and only takes about one hour from start to finish.

Auto Glass Tint

Tinting the windows of your vehicle may sound like a luxury, but auto tint prevents 99% of UV rays from reaching your interior — and that’s a smart investment. The added layer of protection will help protect you and your car from the harm the intense rays can cause. Additional benefits include:

  • Protecting Upholstery: Over time, heat and UV rays that directly enter your car can make your upholstery fade and crack. By blocking those rays and heat, you’ll keep your upholstery looking great longer — and with less maintenance.
  • Keeping You Healthy: UV rays do more than damage your upholstery; they can also wreak havoc on your skin by accelerating aging or causing skin cancer. Tinted windows will reduce these rays, therefore, the sun’s brightness, which helps prevent glares and allows you to see better.
  • Added Privacy: When you leave valuables in plain sight, you run the risk of thieves spotting them and trying to break into your car. Tinting your windows can make it difficult for people to look into your car to see what you may have left behind.
  • Cooler Temperatures: Tinted windows can reduce the temperature in your car by up to 60%, which makes it easier to control the temperature and cuts down on fuel intake by running your air conditioner less.
  • Shatter Protection: The film used to tint windows prevents them from shattering, which adds another layer of protection for you and your passengers.

Power Windows & Door Locks

Power windows and door locks are nice features that usually come standard in most new vehicles. However, when these features aren’t working properly, they quickly become an inconvenience (and even potentially dangerous).

A malfunctioning power door lock or window can also damage your car window glass. That’s why it’s important to have them repaired at the first sign of trouble. Our expert technicians are well-trained in power lock replacement and repair, as well as power window replacement and repair.


We recommend Aquapel Glass Treatment. It’s a long-lasting water repellant that forces rain to bead up and rolls right off your windshield. It also reduces glare, especially at night, and makes it easier to remove dirt, bugs, snow, and ice. Watch this video comparison of Aquapel and Rain-Xs.


Wipers are essential to ensure a clear view in all weather. Environmental elements and daily use can cause damage to parts of the wiper assemblies, which may lead to scratching on your windshield; for optimal performance, wipers should be changed every six months. Regardless of the age of your wipers, a new set should be installed anytime your windshield is replaced due to a break or chip within the blade’s range.

Our experts proudly carry the AutoTex brand, which fits most makes and models. These all-season, compression-molded wipers are easy to install and replace, thanks to the patented Click-On universal wiper system and follow-up CLIX wipers. After the initial professional installation, replacement wipers can be installed in a snap!


Protect your vehicle’s floor with WeatherTech floor liners and mats from Lee & Cates Glass. These durable accessories are manufactured in America, ensuring premium quality with local service. By ordering WeatherTech products from Lee & Cates, you can save on shipping costs, enjoy fast fulfillment (often in 24 hours or less), and receive personalized warranty assistance for the life of the product.

We carry the most popular WeatherTech products, including FloorLiners, All-Weather Mats, All-Vehicle Mats, and AVM HD (Heavy Duty). Explore our selection and shop local for your flooring needs.

Window Motors

We carry all the parts and equipment you need to keep your motor running properly — your window motor, that is! Enjoy the ease and convenience of power windows with window motors, window regulators, and power switches for virtually all makes and models. If you’re experiencing slow movement or malfunctioning window components, call us. With a professional analysis and replacement from Lee & Cates Glass, you’ll be back to enjoying the fresh Florida air in no time.

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