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Headlight Grinding and Restoration

Are your headlights looking cloudy or yellow?

The bad news is, that’s normal, and happens in most cars produced after 1990. As the clear plastic covering the light is exposed to sunlight, debris, and car exhaust, it becomes foggy, or clouded. Your headlights are there to warn other drivers and pedestrians that you’re approaching, and if they’re not clear, this could cause a serious accident.

The good news? Headlight restoration, also known as headlight grinding, is a service that almost all Lee & Cates Glass locations provide to our customers. It used to be the case that when the headlights fogged, the entire light assembly needed to be replaced. Now, we use a professional kit to clean the yellow or fog from your headlights, making them white and new again.

Our process is cost-effective, increases your safety, and only takes about one hour from start to finish. Stop in a Lee & Cates Glass today, and see the difference.

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