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If you’ve ever played a video game, you’ve probably seen the dotted guide line on a digital race course or guides that help you learn how to play. Similar technology could come to your car windshield soon.

Technology and auto glass companies are exploring augmented reality windshields. These would incorporate information such speed, navigation, hotel and restaurant information, and much more directly on the windshield.

How would augmented reality windshields work?

The easiest method would be to display information on the glass from a small projector mounted on the dashboard. Light-emitting film on the glass is another option that would display information for the driver without incorporating anything additional on the dashboard. A third option would incorporate a visor similar to Google Glass on the drive that would display the information directly in front of the driver’s eyes.

The biggest challenge in bringing augmented reality windshields to drivers is how to display information without distracting the driver. Technology and manufacturing researchers are testing ways to display the information in a useful way without distracting the driver. One strong point is that putting information on the windshield would stop drivers from looking away from the road to check navigation and GPS systems.

Augmented reality windshields could also aid drivers in mapping out better routes to destinations, show the best places to brake and accelerate, current lane position, and more.

Many augmented reality systems have been presented at conferences and are ready to go into production. Experts predict that augmented reality windshields could be in production as early as 2020.