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Are Hurricane Glass Windows Necessary in Florida?

The short answer is yes.

During a weather event such as a hurricane, windows are an important line of defense for any home or business. They protect the people and belongings inside, as well as the structural integrity of a building. In fact, the durability of your windows and doors plays heavily into whether or not your roof will be compromised in a big storm.

The hurricane window difference
Hurricane windows are comprised of two sheets of glass with plastic laminate between them, much like an automotive windshield. The laminate keeps the window from shattering in the event of a hurricane or other heavy wind event.

Hurricane windows are so important in Florida that most building codes for new structures require the installation of hurricane glass. Retrofitting the windows in your home or office with hurricane glass can also save you a bundle on your insurance – up to a few thousand dollars a year. Plus, hurricane windows add to the resale value of your property, especially in the Florida market.

Getting what you pay for
But there are plenty of glass companies out there who will take your money, and a lot of it, for hurricane windows, then install regular windows instead. How can they get away with that? Most people won’t do their homework.

Hurricane windows will have a “Florida product approved” or “Miami-Dade County Approved” certification label affixed to the glass. Hurricane windows will also come with documentation certifying that they have passed impact testing.

Ask for copies of all paperwork identifying your windows as hurricane-proof, and keep them with your property documents. You’ll need to provide your insurance company with copies of these documents as well.

If you’re building a new property in Florida or along the Atlantic coast, or you’d like to retrofit an existing building with hurricane glass windows, contact us by phone or email today, or visit one of our many locations.



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