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When you tackle just one project a month, making improvements to your home is less of a chore and you’re more likely to accomplish everything you want to get done.

Here’s a list of a few projects you can do to improve your home this spring and summer.

May: Update your deck.
We’ve had some nice weather in the northern Florida and southern Georgia region this season, so you’ve probably already busted out the grill and tiki torches. This month, make your deck the focus of your home improvement efforts. Whether it needs to be sanded and re-stained, repainted, repaired or added on to, deck improvements will add value to your home.

Why? Outdoor living spaces in this region are not only desirable, they’re also expected. Check out this list of 8 Outdoor Trends that attract Buyers from RIS Media for some added-value improvements you can make.

June: Pick a room to paint.
Nothing makes a room feel fresh as quickly and inexpensively as a new coat of paint.

Rose Quartz and Serenity are Pantone’s colors of the year for 2016, and this is the first time the corporation has selected two colors for the honor. The pink and blue hues might seem better suited for a baby nursery at first glance, but they pair well with a wide spectrum of other colors so they’re easy to incorporate into your home’s color palate.

House Beautiful predicted that lilacs and purples, milky blues, bold greens and the monochromatic combination of neutrals will also be a big trend in paint color this year.

But regardless of what’s on-trend in color, the first step to choosing a color for your walls is to consider the furnishings and other décor in the room, as well as the design style throughout your home. These tips from HGTV will also help you in your paint color selection.

July: Organize your storage.
Out of sight, out of mind works for a little while, but that’s how we end up with huge piles containing God-knows-what in our storage sheds, garages and attics. This month, start with one storage space at a time and go through everything in it. You may find yourself surprised at how many duplicate items you have because you forgot about the ones collecting dust! Invest in clever storage solutions like rolling tool boxes or craft-room organizers to give you a place for everything and help keep everything in its place.

August: Install a backsplash in the kitchen or bathroom.
It might seem like a simple detail in theory, but a backsplash done right can easily become a focal point of the room. And it’s also a relatively inexpensive way to update or upgrade your space. To get started, take some photos of the kitchen or bathroom you’ll be adding a backsplash to, and include any permanent or semi-permanent features like the fixtures, cabinets and countertops. Then, head to your local hardware store or specialty tile shop and enlist the help of their pros to choose the right material and size for your project.