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Glass is a beautiful medium for use in building design and construction. It creates openness and optimal lighting, yet still offers protection from the elements, including radiant heat from the sun.

Reflective glass, in particular, offers outstanding aesthetic and performance benefits. In fact, reflective glass is often a better option than transparent or tinted glass. And we’re not talking the reflective glass that was popular in building designs of the 1980s – no more mirror box effect! Today’s reflective glass offers a variety of reflectivity options, as well as energy cost-saving low-e coatings.

Reflective Glass Color Flexibility Benefits

Tinted reflective glass allows for optimal light filtration and color neutrality, so it can be coordinated with your building’s framing, including spandrels, metal panels and even stonework. And it’s available with low-e coating, too, which can help your building earn LEED and Energy Star credits.

Reflective Glass Privacy Benefits

The special metallic coating applied to reflective glass allows lets your visitors and employees take advantage of spectacular views, but prevents those outside the building from seeing in.

Reflective Glass Glare Control Benefits

Reflective glass lets optimal light into your space, but also reduces glare from the sun, which eliminates the need for blinds and other window coverings. And when combined with solar-controlling low-e coating, this glass can reflect incoming radiant heat energy to keep your HVAC costs low.

Reflective Glass Appearance Benefits

There’s nothing more impactful in a skyline than a beautiful glass building. The appearance of the reflective glass on your building’s exterior will change as the sky changes, highlighting spectacular sunrises and fiery sunsets.

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